As one of the very few thatched museums in the UK. The building is a typical example of a 'marine cottage orné' and is Grade II listed. Built by a local shipowner Matthew Yeates around 1811, the house recently celebrated
its bicentenary. Priscilla Hull was a co-founder, and the museum started with the collection of period costumes gathered by Budleigh residents the Misses Gawne, together with the many geological specimens amassed by local
archaeologist George Carter.

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Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter
Exeter's Fine Art Collection 2015-16
24 October 2015 to 8 May 2016

The RAMM collection of topographical prints, drawings and watercolours is a rich source of information about Exeter and its inhabitants. Featured in the display are some distinctive city landmarks, such as Mol’s Coffee House and the Higher Market. The fine art collection also includes outstanding British landscapes. Some of the finest will be displayed this autumn providing dramatic views of Wales, the Lake District and Yorkshire.
The spotlight is also on the artist Cecil Collins (1908–89): an English visionary who drew inspiration from the prophecies of William Blake and Far Eastern philosophy. Collins was born in Plymouth and studied at the Royal College of Art. Between 1939 and 1943 he taught at Dartington Hall. The group of works on display were acquired by RAMM in 2001 through the National Art Collections Fund.

Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter
First World War: Home Front Fashions
20 October 2015 to 8 May 2016

The First World War was a time of momentous change for individual people, families and society, when thrift and economy in dress became increasingly important on the home front. Woollen serge and silk taffeta in dark or neutral colours were frequently worn as the availability of fabrics and dyestuffs was restricted. Practical, hard-wearing suits or ‘costumes’, and washable shirt-waister blouses became a kind of everyday uniform for women in Britain during the war.
This display is part of RAMM’s four-year programme of exhibitions, displays, events and activities that focuses on the First World War’s impact on the people and landscape of the Southwest. Developed with regional and national partners, it examines the wider social and cultural changes that have had a lasting effect on our everyday lives.

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