Budding Creativity - lots of good news

The fourth adventure story ‘One of Our Beavers is Missing’ in the Heroes of the Jurassic Coast series has now been published. This exciting adventure tells the story of how the family of beavers living on the River Otter was separated during a tumultuous storm and how they were rescued and re-united by the local animal fraternity the Animal Rescue Committee led fearlessly by Bud, the charismatic and intelligent black and white collie. More information on this book and the series can be found on the new Heroes website. www.heroesofthejurassiccoast.org

Once again stunning murals and insightful poems have been produced by local secondary school students illustrating scenes from the story and reflecting themes from the book.  You can see these on the seafront in Budleigh and for the first time this year in the car park at Otterton Mill.  Bud and the Beaver family are on Rolle Road and the poetry panels are located all over Budleigh.

All the murals and poetry panels were on display at St Peter’s Church on Wednesday 5 July during the Budding Creativity presentation to which all the students, their families, grant donors and The Arts Society, Budleigh Salterton members were invited.  Year 5 children from St Peter’s performed their song about the beavers enthusiastically conducted with great aplomb by Paul Moger Taylor.   Kate Ponting from Clinton Devon Estates presented each primary child with a copy of ‘One of Our Beavers is Missing’.  Kate was delighted to see so many beaver facts in the book, the children had obviously been listening carefully when she took them to see where the beaver family live on the River Otter.

The Budding Creativity team would like to thank Kate and Mark Elliot and Paul Martin from the Devon Wildlife Trust and also Mo Kendall and Val Ayling from Exmouth Coastwatch for their support in the writing of this year’s story.  You will need to buy a copy to find out how Coastwatch inspired the rescue.

The whole Budding Creativity team are continually grateful to all the schools who have once again supported the production of the story, the song, the murals and the poems.  Over 200 students in 11 schools were involved and more than 30 teachers – two new schools – St Peter’s Lympstone and The Kings School, Ottery St Mary joining the project for the first time.

Special thanks go to Trudie Burne this year who produced a mural linked to the Eddie’s cakes competition during the Budleigh Food Festival.  Again, you need to buy a copy of the book to try Eddie’s delicious cake recipe.

The Budding Creativity team has two new members; Alan Dean and Carolyn John who will take charge of book sales.  The whole team are eagerly looking forward to next year and a change in format.  Instead of an adventure story the schools will be encouraged to produce short stories, poems and murals on the theme of ‘Gold’ to reflect the 50 year anniversary of the Arts Society.

Sue Briggs