Budding Creativity - Project Update

The Young Arts Budding Creativity project goes from strength to strength. It is now in its fourth year. ‘Burning Ivory’ the third illustrated adventure story in the Heroes of the Jurassic coast series was published in June 2016 at a presentation exhibition at St Peter’s Church, Budleigh Salterton. This event was intended to showcase and celebrate the range of creative activities inspired by the ‘Burning Ivory’ story during the year and was a fantastic opportunity to have all the stunning wall murals and inspired and thoughtful poetry panels together in one place. The Budding Creativity team were delighted that so many of the primary and secondary school authors, illustrators, poets and mural artists and their parents and friends could attend together with representatives of funding bodies, the local community and of course, BUDFAS members.


Pupils from St Peter's Budleigh and Otterton School and Drakes, East Budleigh Pupils.

Over 220 children and students were involved this year from nine different local schools; each receiving their own copy of ‘Burning Ivory’. The story was set in Budleigh and in Uganda, Africa and featured lots of local colour, music and culture, balloon flights, driverless cars and drones and ivory poaching and conservation issues. Themes which inspired secondary students from Exmouth Community College, Sidmouth College, Colyton Grammar School, Exeter School, Maynard School and Mill Water school to produce the most spectacular array of wall murals and poems which were displayed in St Peter’s church for the exhibition and then located all over Budleigh Salterton where they have been enjoyed over the summer months.


Pupils from Sidmouth College eagerly checking to see if their poem in in 'Burning Ivory'

A selection of murals on display

Mill Water School
  Exmouth Community College
Exmouth Community College
  Sidmouth College
Maynard School
  Colyton Grammer School

Bethan Reynolds
Exeter School

Behind the poverty, behind
the conflict, lies a beautiful and peaceful land,
full of tropical beaches and unique animals. These animals
must be admired today; for there are poachers roaming the drylands
like they own it. Come every sunset, on secluded
mountains animals dread to sleep the night.
Their cubs are forced to scavenge
for survival. Poor people in
rich lands scramble
for resources.
This is Africa.

  The Budding Creativity team –
Godrey Kent, Chris Davis, Howard Barrow, Jennie Milverton and Sue Briggs are extremely grateful for the positive approach of the teaching teams involved and the way they have integrated the themes of ‘Burning Ivory’ into busy timetables and for the generosity of grant donors and BUDFAS for supporting this unique project and enabling it to continue into 2017.

The Budding Creativity team with John & Conor Bainbridge from Red Dog Drones, Rob Jones and Martin Briggs.
The excellent news is that the latest book, the fourth in the Heroes of the Jurassic coast series is underway. This year’s story will focus on the beaver trial on the River Otter and the effects of a huge storm. We are delighted to welcome 2 new schools to the project this year The King’s School, Ottery St Mary and St Peter’s Lympstone and 3 new members to join the Budding Creativity team Anthony Bussy, Margaret Webb and Jennie Stogdon.