13December 2017

Gods, Heroes and Mortals: the Greek Myths in Ancient Art

Dr Neil Faulkner FSA

Ancient Greece was sophisticated and primitive at the same time. Philosophy and myth ran side by side. Men who thought rationally about their world also believed it to be populated by a pantheon of spirits and deities.

This lecture will explore how the myths of gods and heroes dominated Greek art and what we can learn from these images about ancient Greek society, its values and its fears.

Recommended reading;
• Bellingham An Introduction to Greek Mythology (Apple Press)
• Carpenter Art and Myth in Ancient Greece (Thames & Hudson)


Dr Neil Faulkner FSA

Neil Faulkner is a freelance lecturer, editor, writer, excavator and broadcaster. He lectures widely on archaeology, ancient history, classical civilisation, modern history and current affairs. He edits the popular magazine Military History Monthly and has written numerous academic papers and more than a dozen books.

Neil is an active director of archaeological excavations including Sedgeford Anglo-Saxon village in Norfolk and the Great Arab Revolt Project in southern Jordan.

TV appearances include Channel 4’s Time Team, BBC 2’s Timewatch, and Channel 5’s Revealed, as well as documentaries for the History Channel and National Geographic.