24January 2018

The Arts and Crafts of Kashmir

Zara Fleming

For many people, Kashmir conjures up a beautiful valley surrounded by the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas, for others it is a land of conflict. But what is less well known is that it has been of historic artistic importance for nearly 2000 years.
This lecture introduces the astonishing diversity of arts and crafts produced in this tiny area, influenced by Buddhist, Hindu and Islamic cultures.  It explores Buddhist sculptures, Hindu temples, great Islamic gardens, paintings, calligraphy, Moghul carpets and Kashmir shawls. Despite its troubled history, Kashmir has fostered a unique environment of artistic diversity and religious co-existence.


Zara Fleming

Zara Fleming is freelance lecturer, art consultant and exhibition curator specialising in the art and culture of Tibet, the Himalayan areas and Mongolia.

She began her career at the V & A, but has also worked with the the Royal Academy, the Orient Foundation, Tibet House, Bonn University, and various other galleries. In addition to lecturing for The Arts Society, she gives presentations for museums, universities, Asian art societies, and private associations.

Zara has edited Masterpieces of Mongolian Art: Vol 1 and has published many articles in the field of Buddhist art and culture. She is a Guest lecturer and tour guide on numerous cultural visits to the Himalayas.