02April 2020

The Lion of the Sea - The Art of Venice

Thursday 2nd April 2020 from 10:00am

The Lion of the Sea -
The Art of Venice

With Douglas Skeggs

For three hundred years, Venice was the most powerful city-state in the Mediterranean, and much of its wealth was put towards ornamenting itself with works of art. Then when the Republic collapsed and the city fell into decay, it became a treasure house for artistic imagination and painters from all over Europe came to Venice to paint its quiet backwaters, shadowed doorways, sunlit reflections and the city was reborn as a romantic vision. The Discovery Day looks into the artists who have lived and worked in Venice, their styles, techniques and how each has added their own unique contribution to the artistic legend of the city.

Cost to be confirmed.

Venue: East Budleigh Village Hall, East Budleigh, Devon EX9 7DU