15December 2021

Norman Rockwell

Mr. John Ericson

Great artist or mere illustrator?

A celebrated and prolific twentieth century painter and illustrator whose work has probably been seen by a larger audience than any other artist in History! In America his work enjoys broad popular appeal, where Rockwell is most famous for the cover illustrations he created for ‘The Saturday Evening Post.’ Today his work sells for millions of dollars.

Mr. John Ericson

Formerly a lecturer at the University of Bath where he was Director of Studies in the School of Education with responsibility for the professional development of teachers. He has worked extensively overseas as an educational consultant and this has given him the opportunity to give lectures and presentations at conferences all over the world.

Over the last decade he has been a popular speaker on the Arts Society circuit in the UK and Europe as well as a frequent visitor to the societies in Australia and New Zealand. In his professional life he has developed a particular interest in presentation skills including the role of pictures in learning and the appropriate use of PowerPoint. This coupled with his ability to relate well to people of all ages and backgrounds makes him an impressive and confident public speaker.

As well as the talks he has developed from his professional background, he offers presentations on an eclectic range of topics that are derived from his diverse interests and enthusiasms such as, Pub Signs, Children’s Book Illustrations and the Shakers of North America. All his talks are entertaining, highly informative, very well illustrated and presented with warmth and humour.