30April 2025

The Scottish Colourists – too modern, too colourful, too French.

Maria Chester

The term “Scottish Colourists” refers to four Scottish painters who are now acknowledged as one of the most talented and distinctive groups in 20th century British Art. Influenced by innovations in French Art, they produced colourful and memorable paintings, each with their own individual, experimental and distinctive style.

Maria Chester

After studying Fine Arts, Maria Chester decided to go deeper and studied Art History becoming a Professor in Pre-Columbian Civilisations. From her first passion, that was Cave Art and Rock Art she developed an interest in Archaeology, and this has served as a frame for her ongoing research. She is multilingual and enjoys travelling. She taught in several South American universities as well as private institutions. Maria has served as the National Subject Adviser on American Archaeology to The Third Age Trust and joined East Berwickshire U3A where she became its Chairman.

In 2015, she became a founding member of the IC-International Committee to The Third Age Trust, in the United Kingdom.  In May 2016 she was elected Secretary General of AIUTA- International Association of Universities of the Third Age.  She is also tutors regular courses on Art History for BEA-Berwick Educational Association. She also works for Berwick Visual Arts delivering lectures and guided tours on seasonal exhibitions at The Granary Gallery in Berwick upon Tweed, England.

Maria has been an accredited lecturer for for The Arts Society in London since 2018. Recently, she was invited to become part of the team of Art Historical London, which delivers virtual talks about art to the world. She was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina but has travelled the world.